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About Us

We are The Afterlife Paranormal Experience our group consist of 2 investigators our group has fallen apart due to family related issues we are currently looking for more members to join us if intrested shoot us an email. We do allow others to come along on our trips and are always looking for people to add to the group. Since we can rember we have always had a thing for the paranormal. It would be better explained as an addiction so to speak. We have never really been sencitive to it but as we keep doing it becomes more and more closer to our hearts just to the point we have image flashes in our head of a past time or even an emotional feeling of a spirit. We love to capture evidence and evps and over our time of doing this we have captured alot. We know spirits exsit and our goal is to prove it to as many people willing to listen. Skeptics will never believe unless they have and experience of their own and we know that. So if your a skeptic and would like to tag along shoot us a message we will gladly take you along for a chance to change your mind. Philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson said "It is the secret of the world that all things subsist and do not die but retire a little from site and afterwords return again. Nothing is dead people fame themselves dead and endure mock funeral and mournful obituaries and there they stand looking out the window sound and well in some new disguise this secret must be told to the world and they must tell it because there not dead I know this and ill prove it!" "I don't believe that ghosts are 'spirits of the dead' because I don't believe in death. In the multiverse, once you're possible, you exist. And once you exist, you exist forever one way or another. Besides, death is the absence of life, and the ghosts I've met are very much alive. What we call ghosts are lifeforms just as you and I are." We are looking foward to sharing evidence to you and got other stuff comming to. Thank you for reading and enjoy the site!